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The first time I opened my mouth to speak steam escaped to the air, and black oil dripped from my lips and onto the ground.



And they lived happily ever after in all their horribly non-plucked bushy eyebrow glory
(Loki x Sigyn) 




And they lived happily ever after in all their horribly non-plucked bushy eyebrow glory

(Loki x Sigyn) 

Authors note: This one-shot was inspired by The Morning After by Debauchery and Do-goddery or

Let me just say right now. It’s LokixSigynxDarcy and yes, it is smutty. Hope you all enjoy it. 

I apologize for any typos. 

Sigyn cupped Darcy’s breasts, kissing them reverently. Sigyn couldn’t get enough of Darcy’s gloriously supple breasts and constantly kneaded and cupped them while Darcy was riding Loki. 

Loki was silent, but the O that adorned his face was the clear indicator that he was enjoying himself as Darcy rode him within an inch of his life while Sigyn was pleasuring Darcy in more ways than she could imagine. 

"Oh dear, Loki looks as if he may explode at any moment." The thought of Loki coming made Sigyn wet with anticipation and she continued devoting her attention to Darcy, her hips moving faster hearing Sigyn’s comment. 

Sigyn reached for Darcy’s hips to slow her movements. “There’s no need to rush, Darcy, you have all the time in the world, just take your time.”  Hearing Sigyn’s words made Darcy feel even hotter yet more relaxed, Sigyn put Darcy at ease and made her feel sexy. Darcy smiled at Sigyn and leaned forward to kiss her. Sigyn met her halfway, gently teasing Darcy’s lips with her tongue begging for entrance. Darcy complied and the two women continued with their amorous kisses causing Loki to groan with pleasure, his cock feeling rock hard as Darcy slid up and down his shaft while his wife kissed, caressed and and licked the mortal girl in ways that had Loki practically coming right then and there. 

Darcy was breathing heavily, a lovely red glow adorning her cheeks as she simultaneously pleasured the God of Mischief and set the Goddess of Constancy’s soft flower on fire. Sigyn adored Darcy’s disheveled appearance in the midst of passion, causing her to feel even hotter. The Goddess reached for Darcy’s left breast sucking and lightly biting her soft flesh causing Darcy to moan “Oooh Sigyn.”

"Mmmm, Darcy," Sigyn replied reverently gently squeezing the girl’s breasts. This nearly sent Loki over the edge. Sigyn took note of this, deciding to take mercy on the over-exerted God. 

"I think we’ve tortured him enough, Darcy let’s ease his suffering a little, hmm?" She asks cupping Darcy’s cheek affectionately looking into the mortal’s beautifully blue, dazed eyes.

"Yes, let’s," comes Darcy’s breathy reply. Sigyn smiles and once again grasps Darcy’s hips moving along with her as Darcy begins to ride Loki at a faster pace.

Darcy bounces up and down on Loki’s huge shaft, feeling her climax building up. She bites her lower lip as she feels the pressure building in her abdomen. Sigyn teases Darcy’s nipples until they are hard peaks and even then she still teases them.

Darcy moans, her head thrown back, her hair tickling Loki’s stomach. Loki can feel his release approaching and groans grabbing Darcy’s hips as he begins to pound furiously into the mortal. Sigyn puts her hands over Loki’s and the three move in unison as they reach their peaks. Sigyn takes one hand and gently massages Darcy’s clit sending the mortal into a blissful frenzy, her silky walls clamping down on Loki’s massive cock as she screams Sigyn’s name into oblivion. Loki finally loses his control and comes bursting so hard inside of Darcy. Sigyn touches her own clit moaning Darcy’s name. Darcy helps the Goddess find release, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples. Darcy adds the finishing touch with a few words, “Come for me my Goddess.” Sigyn shakes uncontrollably and comes with a violent moan.

Darcy and Sigyn collapse on top of Loki, Sigyn cradling Darcy in her arms, stroking the mortal’s soft, brown hair as both women catch their breath. “You were wonderful, Darcy, oh so wonderful.” 

A none-to-subtle throat clearing can be heard from the God of Mischief. Sigyn rolls her eyes, “Yes, Loki, you were fine too.” She smiles secretly at Darcy.

"Let’s see you roll your eyes at me when your sitting in my lap riding me while Darcy showers you with physical affection, my lovely wife."

Sigyn smiles at him then turns her gaze to Darcy, adoration in her eyes. “I like the sound of that.” 

Darcy quickly replies, “Hell’s yeah, when can we start?”